Greyhound Technology

profile-image-type-person-979473My name is Scott Sanders, principal of Greyhound Technology.  My career in technology started in 1975 with Pacific Telephone in California, before things such as the PC, Internet, and smartphone became part of our daily lives.  At the time, most computers were room-sized mainframes that consumed huge amounts of power.  These days, we expect our smartphones to have the battery power to last all day, while having more computing power than those mainframes.

The same dramatic level evolution has occurred in every aspect of technology.  The rate in which technology evolves is nothing short of breath-taking.  Anything new is close to obsolete as soon as it hits the market.  The businesses that get and stay ahead of their competition harness technology to their best advantage.  The challenge is to know what the right hardware and software elements are and how to implement them.

Having been involved in the evolution of so much technology from the “inside” has been a labor of love for Randy and I.  It has given us a unique viewpoint to see the real benefits a given new development brings, then transfer that understanding to benefit the business for whom that particular benefit will be worthwhile.  At the same time, see the developments that look pretty but do not bring any particular value,

Technology to Stay in the Lead